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Earn 3 credits.

Career and Life Management (CALM) helps you develop your ability to make well-informed decisions and choices that contribute to the well-being and respect of yourself and others. This course is broken down into the following 5 modules:

  • Module 1: Leadership Module
  • 2: Maturity & Independence Module
  • 3: Reputation & Responsibilities Module
  • 4: Financial Management
  • Module 5: Life Events

Course Structure & Organization

General Outcomes

The aim of the CALM course is articulated through three general outcomes.

General Outcome 1: Personal Choices

  • Students will apply an understanding of the emotional/psychological, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical dimensions of health—and the dynamic interplay of these factors—in managing personal well-being.

General Outcome 2: Resource Choices

  • Students will make responsible decisions in the use of finances and other resources that reflect personal values and goals and demonstrate commitment to self and others.

General Outcome 3: Career and Life Choices

  • Students will develop and apply processes for managing personal, lifelong career development. These three general outcomes are the foundation of the CALM course, and each general outcome is to be addressed.

The general outcomes are interrelated and interdependent. For example, processes for responsible decision-making regarding the use of resources are also related to career choices. All choices influence and are influenced by the interrelationship of the dimensions of well-being. Understanding these interconnections is crucial for student learning since life decisions often involve the intricate dynamics of balance between many areas simultaneously.

Required Materials

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