Social 20-1

Anticipate a journey through the pivotal moments and movements that have defined contemporary society in our soon-to-be-launched Social 20-1 course. Explore sophisticated narratives of power, rights, and governance while honing critical thinking skills through engaging online discussions and interactive learning modules. Stay tuned and prepare to dissect the complexities of our world!

Social 10-1

Coming soon to our virtual classroom: Social 10-1! This transformative course will guide you through the critical events and ideologies that have shaped the modern world. Engage with history, politics, and culture in new, interactive ways, and foster a deeper understanding of the society we live in today. Stay tuned for a learning journey that … Read more

Social 30-1

Course Outline Social 30-1 Overview South Alberta High School is an online learning platform that is a great option for those students who want the flexibility to learn at their own pace and complete the requirements necessary to achieve credit in the course. Social 30-1 is divided into the following 10 Modules: Assessment Formative assessment … Read more

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