Social 30-1

Course Outline Social 30-1


South Alberta High School is an online learning platform that is a great option for those students who want the flexibility to learn at their own pace and complete the requirements necessary to achieve credit in the course.

Social 30-1 is divided into the following 10 Modules:

  • Module 1: 1A Ideology & Identity Introduction
  • Module: 1B The Spectrum (Basic, Political & Economic)
  • Module: 2A Historical Backgrounds to Liberalism o 2B Exploring Capitalism
  • Module: 2C Industrialization & Impacts of Classical Liberalism
  • Module 5: 2E Welfare Capitalism in North America
  • Module 6: Diploma Prep Full Source Analysis Essay 3A Rejections of Liberalism
  • Module 7: 3B International Relations & Ideologies
  • Module 8: 3C Imposition of Liberalism
  • Module 9: 3D Protesting Modern Liberalism
    • 4A Individual vs. Collective Rights
  • Module 10: 4B Challenging Claims to Liberalism


  • Module Assignments & Quizzes – 5% each for a total of 50%
  • (3) Unit Exams – worth 50% of students’ mark

Formative assessment is an evaluation tool to determine strengths and weaknesses in understanding the content delivered. This form of evaluation, called “assessment FOR learning,” will not be utilized in their final grade. Formative practice questions are assigned at the end of each concept, where students are asked to keep their work in their notebooks.

Summative assessment is an evaluation practice that allows the students to identify their understanding of the learning. We call this an “assessment OF learning.” All efforts are made in this course to enable the students to succeed. Thus, these assignments are given opportunities for their comprehension of the material. There are summative quizzes throughout the course (minor assessments), a unit exam at the end of each unit.

Once the diploma exam is written, the total school award mark will be weighed 80% of the final mark, and the diploma exam will be weighed 20% of the final mark.

*NOTE: For the 2022-23 school year, the diploma exams will be weighted as 20% rather than 30% of a student’s grade. This follows Alberta Education’s decision to adjust the weight due to disruptions in education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If students rewrite a diploma exam that they originally wrote in the 2021-2022 school year, their exam score will be worth 20% of their final mark this year.

The weighting of diploma exams is expected to return to 30% effective September 1, 2023.

Required Materials

The course references a textbook: Perspectives on Ideologies which you will be sent a copy from the school.

Please ensure you are set up for Alberta Education MYPASS. This is where you will be able to register to write your diploma, order high school transcripts and view your final mark stored on your detailed academic report with Alberta Education upon completion of the course.


Online Sessions – Your daily lessons and assignments will be available on our Google Classroom Portal.

Student/Teacher Communication – Teachers at Prairie Rose will grade your work.

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