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Experimental Psychology 30

Experimental Psychology 30 serves as a crucial component of a psychology curriculum, offering students the opportunity to engage in scientific inquiry, develop research skills, apply psychological principles, and cultivate critical thinking abilities. The course prepares students for both academic and professional pursuits in the field of psychology by providing a comprehensive understanding of the empirical … Read more

Self-Directed Learning

This one-credit course is strongly recommended for all online students. Learning in an online asynchronous environment can be very challenging.  Self-directed learning (SDL) is an instructional approach where individuals take the initiative and responsibility for their own learning process.  Learners have the autonomy to set their learning goals, decide on the resources and strategies to … Read more

Math 15

The Alberta Math 15 (5 credits) LDC1515 course is beneficial for students who would like to better prepare for the demands of high school math courses. In particular, this course involves the following:

Social 20-1

Anticipate a journey through the pivotal moments and movements that have defined contemporary society in our soon-to-be-launched Social 20-1 course. Explore sophisticated narratives of power, rights, and governance while honing critical thinking skills through engaging online discussions and interactive learning modules. Stay tuned and prepare to dissect the complexities of our world!

Math 10 C

Prepare yourself for Math 10 C, coming to our online platform soon! This course is designed to deepen your understanding of mathematical concepts and their real-world applications. Whether it’s honing your problem-solving skills or exploring geometric and statistical phenomena, Math 10 C will be your guide to a world of numerical wonder. Stay tuned!

Science 30

Science 30 is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental scientific principles, theories, and applications across multiple disciplines. The course integrates concepts from biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science to foster a holistic approach to scientific inquiry that includes Biology, Ecology, Physics and Chemistry. Prerequisite for this course are Science 20, Bio … Read more

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