Dual Credit

COM1162 – Interpersonal Relationships and Communication

This course is designed to improve students’ self-concepts and provide them with the skills to successfully relate with others on a personal, social, and business basis. Designed for personal growth and attitude change, this course provides opportunities to develop communication skills, recognition and understanding of self-concept, skills in enhancing interpersonal relationships, procedures for goal-setting, and … Read more

CSP1150 – Medical Terminology/Anatomy & Physiology

This course covers the study of prefixes, suffixes, and word roots from which most medical terms are derived, taught in combination with anatomy and physiology to understand the structure and function of organs and systems in the human body. Delivery Method: Online asynchronous Required Equipment & Materials: Transferability:

AHT1050: Intro to the Veterinary Profession

Dual-credit course where students earn 5 high school credits AND 3 post-secondary credits. AHT1050: Intro to the Veterinary Profession Course offered by Olds College in Summer 2024 Students will become familiar with selected animal health organizations and will adhere to the regulations of veterinary medicine in Alberta. Students are introduced to strategies and techniques for managing … Read more

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